IT Agents Charter


The IT Agent Networking Group is comprised of IT Agents from Level 3 and higher assigned units of operation. These individuals have close contact with the Dean/Director/Department Head of their organization and serve as the point of contact with the UNM IT provider organizations and the IT governance process for feedback, input for decision-making, and establishing IT technical priorities. The purpose of the IT Agent Networking Group is to support the duties and responsibilities of the IT Agents, facilitate cross unit communication and collaboration, and assure Level 3 representation in the IT governance process.


Maintain knowledge of UNM IT governance structure, planning and decision-making processes and standards, and IT guiding principles.

Assure that the Level 3 organization has a current technology plan that integrates with main campus/Health Sciences Center (HSC) plan.

Promote, assure, and report that IT equipment and software are updated as appropriate to main campus or HSC best practices, standards, and available funding.

Assure accurate and timely completion of annual IT inventory process.

Promote, assure, and report on IT security, which includes the preservation of confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information for departmentally-controlled IT systems.

Coordinate timely responses to IT requests from UNM auditors.

Participate actively in campus-wide IT initiatives, including development of policy and standards, architecture, and implementation of campus-wide technology.

Communicate broad issues to the Level 3 organization and to information technology providers.

Work with enterprise IT personnel in the IT decision-making process to solve problems, make recommendations, resolve inconsistencies, work toward reducing redundancy where appropriate, and implement solutions that improve the overall IT environment.

A representative from the IT Agent Networking Group serves as an ex-officio member of the UNM IT Cabinet.


The IT Agent Networking Group will hold regularly scheduled meetings, with membership comprised of unit Agents (see IT Agent Role). The UNM CIO, or designee, will chair the meeting.