Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

The Enterprise Resource Planning Steering Committee is accountable for delivering increased value to the University community through the deliberate and efficient administration of UNM's mission-critical student, research and administration functions.

ERP Steering Committee Charter


Our business processes and systems are student, faculty and staff friendly, efficient effective, and accountable, and our investments in these systems are used strategically to improve student, faculty, staff and community success.


The ERP Steering Committee is accountable to deliver increasing value to the University community through the deliberate and effective administration of UNM’s mission critical student, research and administration functions. The ERP Steering Committee makes decisions related to ERP policy, process and investment, prioritizing those efforts which have the greatest impact on University success. The ERP Steering Committee oversees the ERP Leadership Team and other ERP governance groups, which are responsible for University administrative operating results and execution of strategic projects.


In general terms, the items to be included in the scope of ERP are those system components that are used to administer the official University mission of student, research, and general administration. Included are the following:

  • SCT provided software
  • 3rd Party Add-ons that regularly exchange data with Banner such as e-business (Sciquest)
  • Interfaces to and from ERP components such as automated bank feeds
  • ERP reporting environment and enterprise tools, including data stores, warehouses and marts
  • ERP Management tools such as Appwrks
  • ERP managed mission critical data
  • Infrastructure that is used exclusively in support of the ERP Components

A subset of this list which fits into the criteria of ERP components will be maintained by the ERP Exec Project Director. Each ERP system component must have an owner and an ERP Steering Committee Member Sponsor. Appendix A of this ERP SC Charter will be a list of these components.


  • Set Strategy to for ERP at UNM
  • Develop and manage investment in the ERP
    • Prioritize portfolio of projects
    • Fund portfolio
    • Release funding to projects with approved project plans
  • Be accountable to the President and Regent’s for delivery of ERP results:
    • Data driven decisions
    • Streamlined and cost effective administration
  • Oversee ERP Projects Portfolio
    • Ensure best practice management
    • Resolution of major issues
    • Manage risk/reward
    • Start/stop authority for projects
  • Approve policy relating to use of ERP components
  • Oversee the ERP Leadership Team:
    • Establish measures of success
    • Review monthly operational reports
    • Ensure performance to ERP investment
  • Oversee actions of the ERP Leadership Committee
    • Management of UNM’s “business” calendar
    • Management of UNM’s integrated administration processes
    • Management ERP system components
    • Management of ERP Project Portfolio
    • Approval of major software contracts
    • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans for ERP components
  • Take responsibility for Securing ERP data and information assets


The Steering Committee is sponsored by and reports to UNM’s Chief Information Officer, who either serves as Chair or designates the Chair. Each Executive VP should appoint members to the Steering Committee, preferably those with responsibilities for Banner components. In addition, the ERP Steering Committee should include a representative from major ERP stakeholders, such as Deans’ representatives, (one member from main and one member from north campus).

  • President
    • Institutional Advancement (new)
    • Audit
  • Provost
    • Student Systems
    • Dean(s)
    • Academic Affairs
    • Student Affairs (new)
  • Executive Vice President Harris
    • HR
    • Finance
    • Budget/Planning
    • Institutional Support Services (new)
    • IT
  • Executive Vice President Roth
    • Administration
    • Dean(s)
    • Finance

Administration of the Committee

  • The ERP Steering Committee will meet at least twice a quarter, and will be available on an emergency basis.
  • Decisions will be made by consensus.
  • Minutes, agendas and materials will be published on the web.
  • The Steering Committee will make quarterly management reports to the Governance Council.
  • The Steering Committee shall receive monthly reports from the ERP Leadership Committee.


Revised: September 2009