IT Managers Council Charter


The University of New Mexico Information Technology Managers Council is comprised of senior managers in those IT-specific organizations whose main purpose is to provide IT services to the Main Campus and the Health Sciences Center enterprises. The respective IT organizations comprising the Council consist of the Center for High Performance Computing (CHPC), Information Technologies (IT), Health Sciences Library and Informatics Center (HSLIC), and UNM Hospitals IT (UNMH IT). The purpose of the Council is to support the development of UNM-wide standards and policies, and the effective execution of collaborative, UNM-wide plans and projects.


  1. Monitor and support implementation of the UNM IT Plan.
  2. Recommend for IT Governance Council approval UNM-wide IT Policies, standards and projects required for effective operations and that support UNM business practices.
  3. Establish charges (charters) for, and review and respond to recommendations received from, UNM-wide task forces commissioned by the CIO or the directors of the enterprise-level IT organizations.
  4. Assure effective communications across enterprise-level IT organizations.
  5. Support UNM-wide IT compliance or auditing processes as appropriate.
  6. Work with IT Agents across compus to ensure alignment of departmental IT operations, and input and involvement with enterprise activity.


The Council will hold regularly scheduled monthly meetings, generally one to one and one-half hours long. Membership will consist of:
a) senior managers of the enterprise-level IT organizations, CHPC, IT, HSLIC and UNMH IT;
b) the respective directors/CIOs, and,
c) where applicable, unit planners.

The Chair of the Council will rotate every two years among the respective directors/CIOs, and will be responsible for preparing of the agenda, leading the meeting, and assuring appropriate follow up and communication between meetings. Meeting support will rotate annually among the unit planners, and responsibilities will include preparation and distribution of meeting notes and agendas and posting to Council website/collaborative software.